Winning Them Over: Tips for Pitching a New IT Solution to Your Boss

In the workplace, change is inevitable. However, a lot of people will resist change at every possible point, worried how it might affect the status quo or blindly believing that everything’s OK as it is now.

Sound familiar? Then you might be coming up against some stiff opposition when you try to suggest a new change to your boss. You know this new IT solution is the best way forward for the company, but they might see dollar signs, hassle, and unnecessary commitment instead.

So, how do you make sure you’re getting your boss on board right at the start?

Focus on the Benefits

Even though you might need to cover the basics at the start of your pitch (e.g. What is SD WAN), it’s also important that you focus on the benefits this software is going to bring. You need to know exactly what this software is going to provide your company with, highlighting key things while also explaining how day-to-day operations will be enhanced.

Don’t bore your boss to death by reeling off a list of things. Instead, make sure they’re completely involved in the process so they feel invested in this solution. Do this by showing a number of different solutions that might work for the business.

Demonstrate Where There’s a Need in the Business

One of the most important parts of your argument will be a reason why you need this software. The best approach is to present your boss with meaningful data that shows exactly where and how the company is wasting finances, resources and time. Then demonstrate how this new solution can fix these problems. Don’t just say, “This software will be nice to have” – show them how it will dramatically improve the business.

Showcase How It’s User-Friendly

Sometimes, the latest software that’s become available isn’t necessarily the best solution for your business. Even though there will be a reason as to why you’re replacing your current system, you’ve still got to demonstrate that the new system you’re suggesting is going to be easy to use. Nothing’s worse than implementing software that staff members struggle to use because this wastes a lot of company resources. Therefore, your presentation will need to show how efficient and user-friendly it is, so it’ll meet your boss’s and employees’ approval.

Find a Reliable Provider

When you’re investing in a new solution, you need to know that the provider you’re choosing is reputable and will provide you great customer service even after the deal is done. That means you’ll want to find a provider that offers exceptional customer service and support. You can look for one by exploring a few Denver IT support services (or others near your location) to ensure that you get the best facilities possible. And don’t forget to make sure this IT solution may help implement the other software for management within your business, guiding you and your colleagues through each stage.

Moreover, once you finalize on the IT solution that may benefit your company, you can create a pitch to present it to your boss. Showing your boss that this software provider is trustworthy and reliable can greatly improve the odds of them buying into this new system.

Finally, make sure you’re patient throughout this process because big decisions like this don’t come easy. You might meet some opposition to start with but remain focused on your stance and confident in the software you’re suggesting. By highlighting the current problems the business has and how these can be eradicated (or greatly reduced), you’ll be one step closer to getting the go ahead.