Yorkshire Water Extends Maintenance and Repair Contract in £250m Deal

Batley-based Morrison Utility Services (MUS) has been awarded a three-year contract extension worth £250 million by Yorkshire Water to aid in the process of carrying out essential maintenance and repair work to the water and sanitation company’s 31, 000 kilometre clean water network.

A Morrison Utility Services technican repairing a water pipe

The contract involves MUS acting as the sole service provider for the repair of water mains across the region as well as installing water meters and carrying out street works. This will involve attending over 100,000 call outs per annum.

With their northern offices located in Batley, MUS employs hundreds of technicians who form part of the team tasked with delivering these essential services for Yorkshire Water.

David Stevenson, Head of Water Distribution at Yorkshire Water said: “We are very pleased to award a three year extension of our Water Service Agreement contract to Morrison Utility Services. This is testament to the strength of our relationship with MUS and our trust in their ability to deliver the best possible service for our customers at the best price with the highest levels of safety.”

The contract extension which will be for a period of three years was awarded to MUS a full two years ahead of schedule, which brings the total remaining duration up to five years.

Charles Morrison, Chief Executive of Morrison Utility Services, comments: “We are delighted to have been awarded this three year contract extension as sole partner for Yorkshire Water’s Water Service Agreement contract. We look forward to building upon the collaborative working relationship that we share with our client and our aim now is to continue to develop safe, cost-efficient and innovative ways of working that will deliver a positive customer experience across Yorkshire Water’s operational territory.”

More about Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in the Yorkshire region, supplying about 1.24 billion litres of drinking water to more than five million people daily. The company has 2, 500 colleagues and relies on an extensive network of over 700 treatment works, 130 reservoirs and 62, 000 miles of mains for the transportation of water around the whole county. This is achieved using a unique grid system. In order for such a complex system to be kept working effectively, the company has to constantly pour investments into it, which is the reason behind their injection of £3.8 billion back into the local economy between 2015 and 2020. Yorkshire Water is more than just a water company though — they’re also the second largest land owner in Yorkshire with 80, 000 acres of land, to which they welcome thousands of visitors to come and enjoy some of the most scenic spots found anywhere in Yorkshire each year. The company’s vision is “taking care of the water environment for good” and they’re justifiably delighted to be awarded platinum status in the Business in Community environment index for their work in the area.