The Role of Marketing: Why Every Business Needs It (and What You Should Do!)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a huge multinational, an up-and-coming startup, or even your local mom-and-pop shop. Every business needs marketing in some form. Without it, you’re heading straight to insolvency. And now businesses have upped their game by incorporating new technology such as automated marketing. Even a few automotive and car repair companies can employ software like Xtime, which is a fully integrated, cloud-based auto repair shop management software that could assist in targeting interested customers and personalize their experience. Similar tools can be used by other enterprises to enhance their client interface and grow sales.

You can cite every excuse in the book why not adopt marketing solutions? You go by word of mouth, there’s no budget for it, your trade is very niche, you’re just a small business and marketing is for the big players. None of them count. Every type of company, small or big, broad or niche, has a dedicated marketing agency for them these days. For example, a very specific work such as the one done by restoration companies has dedicated restoration marketing services that help them get the word out and grow their business. So, there’s really no excuse for any business to ignore marketing. Standing still = getting smaller. So, here’s why marketing matters:

It engages customers. Even if your customer’s foot is already in the door, you need to keep them engaged. Otherwise, they’ll go to the business that keeps them coming back for more. Fresh content, always.

Build your rep. In business, you stand and fall by your reputation. If you market, you can help control the narrative. Exuding trust and expertise, for example.

Relationship building. Customers, just like everyone else, want to be part of something. The tribal element of consumer choice is underestimated.

Increase sales. Ultimately, it’s down to the bottom line, right? And marketing increases sales, period. Invest $1 in marketing and you’ll get more in return.

As long as you do it right, you will get some great results. However, the question is: can you mean really nail it? If you have doubts, then refrain from taking a risk and strategizing your marketing plan all by yourself. Instead, get some external help, especially if you are new to the entrenpruship game! Wondering why? Say that you are the owner of a newly-launched HAVC business. This means you might not have any ideas regarding managing different processes–your thoughts will be scattered over a hundred places.

In other words, you might not be able to think straight or focus on any of the business operations. Now, if you strategize your marketing plan with such a mindset, chances are that you would be messing it up. Therefore, it would be wise to outsource the task to a professional who will focus solely on the marketing part–perhaps, you consider hiring somebody from Scorpion (look up scorpion hvac marketing strategy on the Web to locate them) who can do the task properly. Anyway, know that the same can be done to other business processes and operations to avoid debacles.

However, if you are a veteran in the game of marketing, then, by all means, you can make a marketing plan by yourself. However, our recommendation would be to take into consideration the below-mentioned strategies to further improve your game!

Go Old School: Print

It’s easy to get taken in by ‘modern’ marketing methods: Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you know the drill. And we’re not saying these avenues don’t work. They clearly do.

But that doesn’t mean you should ditch the tried and tested. Print is tangible, memorable and, perhaps most importantly, underutilized. Companies often turn their backs on traditional methods, which gives you opportunity. Try these five pieces of print collateral and you’ll make a real difference to your bottom line. Take the help of a company that specializes in printing services Jacksonville (or closer to your business location). They may even be able to help out with other direct marketing techniques.

Use Social Media Strategically

Businesses that complain social media is useless are simply using it wrong. Random pictures and links just aren’t going to cut it. Consumers want more than that. You need to make the steps that will keep them engaged.

For example, use analytics to your advantage. What kind of posts get the most likes? Categorize and weed out the trash that gets your business on a customer’s ignore list. If you notice certain keywords work better, curate accordingly.

Be Everywhere

The ‘Be Everywhere’ strategy popularized by marketer Pat Flynn is still relevant today. It’s a simple strategy, but it works beautifully. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

You want to be where your potential customers hang out. Go on podcasts, get interviewed on a YouTube channel. Network with local media. Your name needs to be out there. You want a customer to instantly link you and your industry.

Be an Expert

Consumers hate the old car salesman schtick. Obvious marketing tactics = obvious. They’ll turn away from you, instead of driving up business. Instead, adopt the expert strategy.

This means cementing your reputation as the go-to business for your industry. You carve this out by giving away free information. For example, if you’re a physiotherapist, record videos showing people how to do certain rehab exercises.

Build Relationships with Influencers

You can’t get away from influencers, no matter how hard you try. The numbers show that they have a certain amount of clout, especially with certain demographics. Instead of sighing at the state of affairs, move with the times.

Now we’re not saying you need to start giving away free stuff to the nearest thing that resembles an influencer account. No, you want to build relationships. This can be a little bit of give and take, I scratch your back, you scratch mine. When it’s worth it, give away free products.

Analyze Results

We can’t give you every single strategy that’s out there. There are just too many. But the main takeaway we want you to carve in a bit of stone (well, maybe not actually) is that you need to analyze your results and adapt accordingly.

Too many businesses randomize their marketing efforts. They don’t really know what works and what’s money down the drain. That’s why so many give up. Instead, become a datasheet whiz kid and keep track of everything.