Three Reasons Why International Business Schools are the Bomb

Entrepreneurship is an inherent skill, and that means that many of the most talented names in business have few academic accolades to their name. We have all heard the stories of those who dropped out of school and still made their millions.

But it’s important to remember that these people are the lucky ones. Their tales are the exception not the norm; fairy stories that keep us all striving to replicate their commercial feats. For most of us, education remains a key factor in unlocking our latent potential, and that’s where business schools, like Hult International, come into play.

The concept of business schools originated in Britain in 1967, with the advent of institutions in London and Manchester. Soon, these academic powerhouses had spread across Europe, with similar set-ups scattered across France, Spain, and Switzerland.


Today, they remain as popular as ever, and can be found all around the world. They have become the ideal finishing school for graduates and young professionals, adding the perfect polish to portfolios lacking in experience and dazzle.

The latest trend is to move away from home and travel abroad for the experience. If you’re considering adding business school to your CV, here are three reasons why an international option might be perfect for you…

#1: International Business is Booming

One of the most prevalent commercial trends in recent years has been the rise of international trading. Once the reserve of the biggest businesses, even small companies will now find that conducting commerce with contacts and clients from around the world is vital to their success.

It’s not enough to understand the opportunities the internet affords you. Different customs exist across the world, and you need the skills to communicate with any interested parties, which is exactly what international business schools provide. Specifically catered to global relations, they offer a learning process that combines academic knowledge and practical application, teaching you to trade with people from across the globe.

#2: You’ll Need Contacts

We’ve all heard the adage that ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. As much as we’d like to believe we live in a meritocracy, those of us in the real world know that this is only partially true. To do well in business, you need access to the right people, and the best way to secure this is through networking. Apart from affording you the chance to connect with other future entrepreneurs from around the world, many business schools will also provide a forum to meet and communicate with everyone from managers in international companies to big brand names. This might include opportunities for some incredible internships – the ideal way to ensure that the right people know your name.


#3: You’ll Have Access to Employment Opportunities

Although many budding entrepreneurs will dream of running their own enterprise, a lot of business enthusiasts would be equally thrilled by the opportunity to work with established brands and companies. However, getting your foot through the door can prove tricky, and it helps to know how to get your name noticed. Luckily, going to a good business school is a great place to start, and international business schools have contacts all over the world. Many place a real emphasis on the employment needs of their students, and their help will give you access to databases containing thousands of graduate employers, as well as the opportunity to attend everything from job fairs to networking dinners.

If global success is on your agenda, sign up to an international business school today.